Luka® User Manual & Tutorials

 Download Luka® User Manual in PDF

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1. Activate Luka®

Turning Luka on for the First Time 

Setting Up Luka for the First Time 

Luka Product Overview 

Luka® On/Off & Volume Control 

Charging Luka

Wifi Setup

2. Read with Luka®

Read a Book

Switch Language using Luka App

Switch Language by Tapping on Luka's Forehead

Finding Luka Compatible Books

3. Luka®'s Audio Functions

Play Audio Content

Self-recording Audio for Luka Compatible Book

Recording Video & Audio for New Book

Create Playlist with your Favorite Songs

Access Playlist History

4. Interact with Luka®

Conversations with Luka - Ask Luka anything!

Chinese-English Translation via Voice Command

Voice Commands

Turn off Luka using Voice Command

5. Play with Luka®

Touching Luka's Belly

Luka® Says - Parrot Mode

Magic Voice

Shake & Bounce

 Turning Luka Upside Down

Idioms Game

 Shake & Match Game

 6. Other Luka® Settings

Night Mode

Software Update

Remove Paired Luka

7. Luka® Hero Point & Read Function

Point & Read English Words

Point & Read Chinese Characters